White Widow

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  • 100% feminized
  • 5 seeds per pack
  • hybrid with combined head/body buzz
  • 8 - 10 weeks flowering
  • yields 325 - 425 (g/m² in SOG)
  • herbal / pine flavor

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€ 25,00

In the mid-1990s, a marijuana legend was born. Almost overnight, White Widow appeared on the menu of just about every coffeeshop in the Netherlands. This marijuana masterpiece went on to become a yardstick against which all other “white” marijuana strains are held up. Marijuana seeds of the White Widow strain grow into tall cannabis plants with delicate arms. Her buds are moderately compact in order to contain the copious amounts of THC resin she produces. Tending toward the Cannabis Sativa side, Nirvana White Widow produces a buzz that is powerful yet energizing and very social.