What is Medical Marijuana?

Essentially, all marijuana is medical marijuana. That is, the medicinal properties of the cannabis plant are well documented, and different preparations of marijuana have been used as medicine by various cultures over the centuries. All types of cannabis can be used effectively to combat insomnia, inflammation and nausea, relieve pain, and increase the appetite.

Of course, there are hundreds of distinct varieties of cannabis available (these are called strains), and not all will serve your medical purposes equally well. The first difference you should be aware of is that between indica and sativa.

The difference between Indica and Sativa

Nowadays, it is practically impossible to find a plant that is either pure indica or pure sativa. Most cannabis strains have been hybridized to improve their qualities. Still, the distinction between indica and sativa is a useful one in medical terms. Most strains are either indica-dominant or sativa-dominant. Knowing which is which is the first step in selecting the right medication for your personal needs.

Main differences between Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa

Cannabis Indica Cannabis Sativa
short, dense, stocky tall, lanky, airy
short broad-fingered leaves long slim-fingered leaves
usually higher levels of CBD usually higher levels of THC
physical, full-body effect heady, cerebral effect
relaxing, narcotic, sleep-inducing properties inspiring, uplifting, energizing properties
most often recommended for nighttime use most often recommended for daytime use


Depending on your particular illness or symptoms, it may help to shop indica or sativa-dominant strains. Hybrid strains often combine the best traits of sativa and indica parents. Generally, indica strains are most often used to provide heavier pain relief and to induce sleep. Sativa strains are used to boost energy levels, to improve one's mood, and to stimulate the appetite. Possible cons of indica include too heavily lethargic effects, whereas sativas can sometimes aggravate existing anxiety and feelings of paranoia.

Most strains are not at either extreme of the spectrum, and so will provide a healthy mix of medicinal properties. The strains in our shop are a balanced selection of top-notch medical marijuana from five highly trusted and renowned breeders.