Dispensary Locations

Are you looking for a place to buy medical marijuana, or do you want to start growing yourself? There are various dispensaries and compassion clubs located in the USA. This map will help you find a medical marijuana dispensary or other cannabis resource near you. If you're interested in growing cannabis yourself, don't forget to check out our cannabis seed shop.

Map of Medical Marijuana Dispensary Locations

Show in Google Maps Do you own or know a medical marijuana dispensary that's not on the map? Feel free to let us know, and we'll try to rectify.

Legal status of Medical Marijuana

Are you wondering about the legal status of medical marijuana in your home state? Cannabis has been legalized or decriminalized for medical use in many states, and we have no intention of quitting this fight! Also see our page on the legality of marijuana in US States.

Other resources

If you need more resources with regard to medical marijuana, such as information about growing your own medicine, please check out our Resources page as well. Here you will find personal stories, articles, and more. And if you have a good link, story, article or site to submit, you are very welcome to do so through our How Can I Help page.